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It’s not just saying hello, it’s knowing if your customers like the way you say it.

If you're basing the success of your email marketing by how many people purchased a product or replied to you, you're missing a lot of valuable information. How many customers didn't open your email, didn't click through to read about your products...basically, just didn't care. An email campaign should not just bring your business positive customer results, it should provide you with powerful tracking and reporting knowledge in which to gauge the reach of your campaign so you can make improvements to your efforts.

Cactus Connect provides the necessary tools to help you track your email marketing success. Testing and analyzing can be easily reported with our built-in ad tracking.

  • Traffic amounts
  • Click-through rates
  • Open rates
  • Conversions

Tracking and reporting your email campaigns is a must to growing your business and is made easy with Cactus Connect.

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