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Imagine spending the time creating a compelling offer, writing a strong email, designing your template, hitting send and then…receiving a message of “failure to send”.

Time is money and we know you can’t afford to waste it with a failed email attempt on a poor performing email marketing system. That’s why Cactus Connect adheres to the highest standards of email marketing practices. We want to protect your businesses reputation which is why we enforce a zero-tolerance policy against SPAM. This means higher reliability for your emails a and a better reputation for your business.

Cactus Connect ensures higher reliability by:
  • Requiring double opt-in for email list signups
  • Monitoring all imported lists to ensure purchased lists are not added
  • Respond and manage SPAM complaints immediately
  • Educating our clients on best practices of email marketing

Identify the right email marketing system for your business, think marketing ethics, reliable delivery and reputation building. Think Cactus Connect.

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The most robust email marketing software for Yahoo! Merchant Solutions

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