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List Management

Maintaining your contact list is vital to the success of your email marketing efforts. Cactus Connect makes it easy for you to manage and maintain a contact list with easy-to-use tools for adding, deleting and scrubbing contacting information. As orders are placed through your Yahoo! Store, the customers contact information is then automatically imported into your Cactus Connect account.

At that point, you will be able to segment your contacts and send targeted emails which are known to increase open and click-through rates – we call this dynamically drive segmentation. Segments can be created based on an opt-in form on your website, geographical location, purchase and/or a coupon code used in an order. You can then create targeted messages, or a series of messages, based on which segment they are assigned and send an autoresponder or broadcast email.

Here’s one scenario on how our dynamically driven segmentation could work:

Customer Action: Customer places order over $100
  • Cactus Connect Event: Added to List A – emailed 10% off coupon after 30 days
  • Customer Action: Customer uses 10% off coupon
  • Cactus Connect Event: Added to “10off” list – emailed “New Products” after 15 days
  • Customer Action: Customer order Product XYZ
  • Cactus Connect Event: Added to “XYZ Accessories” list – emailed “XYZ Accessories” after 3 days

Of course, keeping a clean contact list is vital to reaching out to your customers and, with Cactus Connect you can maintain all of that data. After all, you want your messages to reach recipients. A built-in bounce manager allows you to easily update contact information or remove invalid email addresses.

One more reason why you should choose Cactus Connect as your email marketing solution for your Yahoo! Store.

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