How It Works

Autoresponders can be used in many ways. To illustrate how powerful these automated e-mail messages can be to keep the customer lifecycle spinning, we’ll illustrate a scenario below to show what happens on the customer side, as well as provide insight on what else happens on the back end during this process.

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1Customer Purchases Product

Before the first step, you will have already created one or a number of autoresponder series, which can have a general goal, or be geared toward a specific item, type of product or brand.

When a customer purchases an item tied to a specific autoresponder series, they are automatically subscribed. You can create these triggers based on item ID, product name or even certain keywords.

2List Is Updated

When new customers make a purchase at your Yahoo! Store, not only are they subscribed to the autoresponder you choose, but also the contact information is added to your Cactus Connect customer database.

Tip: In the future, you could add customers to other autoresponders and send one-time messages. Also, this data can be used to spot new trends for additional marketing efforts.

3Automated Mail Sent

Your customer will receive the first message on the specified day in the customer lifecycle. (For instance, it is customary to have a “Day Zero” message as a welcome or thank you. That would be sent immediately.) The following messages would follow suit based upon the schedule you determined when creating the specific series.

Tip: Autoresponders are smart. For example, if an autoresponder series is intended to, over time, market a particular service and a customer does convert early on, you can automatically unsubscribe them from the rest of the series. (And, add them to another if you choose.)

4Customer Comes Back

Over time, you have been building a relationship with your new customer and staying top of mind by sending periodic, relevant, automated messages based on their purchase history. This will lead to gaining repeat business.

And from there, the cycle can begin again!

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