Frequently Asked Questions

Can I import my existing customer list from Yahoo!?

You betcha. While new orders will automatically create clients in your Cactus Connect account, you will of course want to import your list. Cactus Connect will require imported customer lists to opt-in on the initial import. Simply download the import file so you have the proper format, copy and paste your existing data into it and upload into the Cactus Connect system.

If Cactus Connect requires a double opt-in, what does that mean for contacts I import?

A clean list is a good list. By importing your list into Cactus Connect, you also have the chance to remove 'dead' contacts, no longer valid e-mail addresses, and other mailing list 'clutter' and instead, make your list more qualified. We suggest sending an e-mail to your existing customers informing them you will be switching e-mail systems and to keep an eye out for the opt-in message.

When new orders add customers to my list will they have to opt-in?

No. They will be added as clients and subscribed to particular autoresponders automatically depending on your rules. The only time opt-in is required is when importing an external customer list.

Can I add a sign up form to my store for a newsletter or mailing list?

Yes. You can generate a snippet of code through Cactus Connect by simply choosing what information you want to collect. Paste the snippet in the Caption field of a Yahoo! page and start getting subscribers.

Will newsletter or sign up customers have to opt-in?

That's totally optional. By default Cactus Connect is set not to require opt-ins on direct sign ups. If you prefer, you can change this with a simple setting.

How does Cactus Connect work with Yahoo! Store?

Cactus Connect allows you to create autoresponder messages tied to your incoming Yahoo! Store orders. When creating a series of autoresponder message, you can choose how people will become subscribed to the series. You can tie it to a specific product using the Yahoo! Store I.D. or product name, or you can use a specific keyword, such as product names containing "X brand". When a customer purchases one of these products they are instantly added to that series.

How many messages can be in an autoresponder series?

It depends on the goal. Sometimes, you may want to just send one, such as an automated thank-you or to send product-specific information. Other times, you may want to do a specific campaign for weeks or months with a series have dozens of messages. It's up to you!

What if I have a series that markets a new product over a month, but someone buys the product after the first or second message. Will they keep getting the extra messages?

That's the beauty of using a smart system. You can create an additional rule to unsubscribe a customer from a particular autoresponder if a certain action is taken.

What if I have an autoresponder set up based on an entire brand and a customer buys from me several times. Do they get subscribed to that same series over and over again?

No. Your customers will only be on the list once for a particular autoresponder.

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