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Email Campaigns

Ever heard the expression “it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it”? That’s the power bulk email marketing with Cactus Connect has to grow your Yahoo! Small Business.

The myth on mass email marketing being bad for business has been shattered. Email marketing is a proven positive strategy for targeting your customers with news and offers to grow your business. Cactus Connect is a most cost-effective and robust email marketing system on the planet for Yahoo! Store.

You have the ability to:
  • Send email broadcasts
  • Draft and schedule your messages for a later date
  • Automatically segment your email list
  • Use Autoresponders to target your customers buying behavior

Bulk email marketing is cost-effective and brings results. Cactus Connect makes you more than an online merchant, it introduces the online marketer in you without creating a lot of extra work.

† Prices subject to change based on size of client list, click here to learn more.

The most robust email marketing software for Yahoo! Merchant Solutions

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