How Does Cactus Connect Compare?

Compare all the features that you get with Cactus Connect for one low price in comparison to other e-mail solutions.

  Cactus Connect Vertical Response Constant Contact Campaigner Stream Send iContact MailChimp Easy Contact
Price per Month $34.00†** up to 2,500 customers.
2,500+ call for details
$10 - $240 $15 - $150 $10 - $55 $39.90 - $159.90 at 100k $9.95 - $699.99 $00.00 - $690 $9 - $65
Price per # of E-mails unlimited

Pay As You Go -$.0075/e-mail at 100,001-500k sent

500k and more call for pricing

NA unlimited additional costs per 1,000 more onto monthly plan NA Pay As You Go $.005 per e-mail at 500,000 credits NA
Offers unlimited e-mails per campaign

30 Day Free Trial

10% off 6 month

15% off 12 month

60 Day Free Trial

10% off 6 month

15% off 12 month

30 Day Free Trial 30 Day Free Trial 15 Day Free Trial

Free 0-500 subscribers

3000/e-mails per month

60 Day Free Trial
Yahoo! Coupon Codes                
Link to Products or Categories                
Upsell Tools                
3rd Party Software                
Formatting Tools                
Image Hosting   Free 25 MB 200 KB 1 MB Min   500 KB Unlimited  
Pre-Designed Templates 50+ 100s 400+ 450+   300+ 101  
HTML Editing                
Merge Code Personalization                
Multi Message e-mail campaigns
Campaigns triggered by Yahoo! Store                
Pre-Set message run                
Autoresponders     Limited to new customers          
Unlimited Autoresponders                
Unlimited follow up Autoresponders                
Set default incoming campaign                
Preview e-mails                
Autoresponders Assignment by Rule                
Customer Management
Multiple subscriptions per customer                
List Management
Import customers .csv   .csv, .xls, .txt         .csv, EasyStoreMaker Pro or Webmail
List Integration                
Sign up/Opt in form builder                
Paste sign up into site                
Sign up alerts                
List clean up                
Blog Integration   TypePad            
Bounced e-mail manager                
Set campaign settings
Product name or text                
Product Code or Description                
Billing, shipping, or zip                
Yahoo! Coupons                
Other customer characteristics                
Track Open and CTR                
E-mail and campaign comparisons                
Top performing lists and links                
Google Analytics Integration                
Track subscribes, unsubscribes, opt ins     unsubscribes          
Security Protection
Double opt in Imported customers, custom and optional for new customers new customers         new optional use
Un-subscribe link                
Security Assurances Whitelist relations with ISP's Cisco Systems SafeSubscribe™ and SafeUnsubscribe™       Dedicate IP  
Opt out form                
SPAM scoring                
Use FROM name                
Segmented signle & double opt in lists                
Individual SPAM protection and IP Capture                
Additional Services
Phone and demo support                
Custom e-mail design                
Multiple Yahoo! Stores per account                
Mailing list signup code                
Multi-part MIME e-mail support                
Training Resources                
Set delayed delivery                

Cactus Connect Only $29/mo. - Sign Up Now *Comparison chart is based on information gathered, April, 2010. For corrections, please contact .
** Customers on a monthly billing cycle are billed every 4 weeks.
† Prices subject to change based on size of client list, click here to learn more
To ensure maximum compatibility, CactusConnect recommends Yahoo! Merchant Standard or Professional plans.

† Prices subject to change based on size of client list, click here to learn more.

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